Il nostro modo NUOVO di essere consulenti fiscali e gestionali


Discover a new way for customers to live your shop!

We introduce you to a brand new opportunity that will accelerate your sales.

Used together with VanigliaPro, the management software based on iPad and designed to ensure the same opportunities of the big chains to the small store, APPY allows you to offer customers a set of intuitive tools, compatible with any existing device (smartphone, tablet, PC).

APPY is designed to ensure real increase in sales: we offer you the tool that was missing to make your marketing strategy winning.

With APPY your customers can:

Make appointments at any time and view those already confirmed

Check the available residues on subscriptions and prepaid cards

– Use a virtual version of their Fidelity Card

View Photo Galleries

Buy easily and fast services or products

Stay in touch with their local retail store