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Beauty & Wellness

A complete and specific solution for your Beauty Center

A single management application, based on the Apple iPad, which contains all necessary modules for a fast, secure and intuitive management of your business.

VanigliaPro is the instrument chosen by hundreds of beauty professionals for the management, monitoring and planning of their activities.

An experience that has allowed us to develop practical solutions for this specific area.

From the cabin to checkout

VanigliaPro is the only management application that allows you to directly record data and information from inside the cabin, while you’re still performing the treatment.

Annotations, reactions, memos and other information on the customer and on the treatment you’re running allow you to store all the data relevant for customer loyalty and the creation of targeted promotions.

Specific cards for data logging

In collaboration with professional beauticians, we created specific data sheets specially developed for those working in the world of beauty: we know that’s important to write down the information related to history of customer and record the results achieved through the treatments you buy at your center.

More time for business planning

A better organization of your beauty center activities will let you spend more time to setting goals you want to reach. Thanks to VanigliaPro you can focus on your role as entrepreneur, analyzing costs and revenue of your business, motivating employees with daily or weekly goals, giving value to your customers with promotional actions.

Technical modules for Beauty Centres

  • Customer history sheet
  • Measurements sheet
  • Customer and treatments Photo gallery
  • Schedule Keeper
  • Warehouse
  • Productivity, sales, customers, employees Stats
  • Promotions and SMS
  • Card Management, Subscriptions and Prepaid
  • Administration