Il nostro modo NUOVO di essere consulenti fiscali e gestionali


Give your customers a unique shopping experience, to be repeated as soon as possible!

VanigliaPro is the iPad based management application, verticalized specifically for the retail industry.

Intuitiveness, ease of use and reliability are the features that make VanigliaPro the ideal operational solution for your business.

Always well organized warehouse

The Warehouse management allows you to control inventories and stock items, cataloged by manufacturer, brand, department, sub-category, size or according to the most important criteria to you.

Orders can be made with a simple “touch”: you can compile and generate orders via iPad directly at the headquarters of the supplier to load and unload products from the warehouse in a simple and fast way.

A unique tool, even for multiple stores

Even the store networks (or franchise) can choose VanigliaPro as a valuable ally in the business management: all customer information can be shared between the central office and individual stores, as well as information concerning the availability of products in the warehouse of each store.

Guide your customers’ purchases

With VanigliaPro your client has no secrets.

The information about their purchases, about the days in which they prefer to make purchases, the product lines and brands that interest them are in your hands: thanks to the up to date registry you will be able to suggest them the latest news and market trends, create targeted promotions for selected groups of customers, drive the decision-making process of purchase.

Technical modules for Fashion Stores

  • Customer card
  • Warehouse
  • Products detail with size, quantity, unit
  • Custom labels creation
  • Product repair and modification request
  • Transfer Documents Creation
  • Productivity, sales, customers, employees Stats
  • Promotions and SMS
  • Card Management, Subscriptions and Prepaid
  • Administration