Il nostro modo NUOVO di essere consulenti fiscali e gestionali


Our goal is to make you completely autonomous in your store management: for this we have designed a set of services that allow us to support you in using VanigliaPro and deliver you the tools you need to guide your team towards achieving the objectives that have been set.

Our professionalism, experience and expertise are focused on the growth of your business.


Every business development strategy must be planned in detail, with a specific analysis of costs and revenues, aiming at the definition of the results to be achieved.

We analyze with you the financial and economic elements of your business, to lead you in the definition of the price list, in monitoring employee productivity and cost rationalization in order to improve the performance of your store.

VanigliaPro automatically processes the data about your company costs, customer and sales data to provide specific statistics to constant monitoring of your business.

The analysis service includes:

  • analysis of the company’s fixed costs
  • analysis of turnover statistics, productivity, employees and customers
  • study of the target audience and the potential for development for a higher profitability of acquired customers
  • support on identification of scenarios that present the best financial growth characteristics by analyzing the performance of the store.


We want to provide you the tools and skills needed to effectively exercise your role as entrepreneur.

Starting from the data supplied by VanigliaPro we elaborate with you a personalized development plan, based on your specific needs, to start a process of organizational change and development within your company.

We intervene at your side (but not replacing you) on business processes in order to rearrange them according to the objectives you wish to achieve through these activities:

  • support in the understanding of economic and financial data and store performance
  • defining improvement in profitability objectives
  • assistance in the design and management of interventions of organizational development
  • tiling in the definition of objectives plan for employees after the analysis of productivity on hours actually worked
  • coaching in the planning and definition of marketing and communications plans for customer loyalty and acquisition of new consumers target.


To know and to enhance human capital in your company means facing the market in a winning way.

We build with you a close-knit team, prepared and especially motivated to make your store a real model of effective management of human resources.

By identifying the skills and abilities of the team, we can design a personalized training that can improve your staff’s performance, both as a team and as individual professionals.

We know that the professionalism of your staff is a crucial element in the customer loyalty process. For this reason, we analyze with you your skills and define the objectives of the educational process, monitoring ongoing performance of your staff, acting on awareness and motivation.

For your growth we have the following services:

  • technical training on the use of VanigliaPro
  • training for the management and motivation of human resources
  • training and consulting in marketing and communication.

Our training courses are carried out both on-site, at the store, or at our office in a specially equipped classroom.

We use active training methodologies, able to engage participants by stimulating the search for solutions and the acquisition of awareness of their role and their responsibilities.


We design and develop, in collaboration with prestigious companies in the industry, apps focused on your needs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

We develop high-performance native apps and web apps, able to guarantee to the end user a simple and satisfying user experience.

Our app can relate to:

  • contents;
  • catalog and sales;
  • maps;

Our professionals are at your disposal to develop your own customized app, giving you:

  • analysis and feasibility study
  • planning and development
  • publication and approval in the app stores
  • graphic customization
  • continuous updates


We always keep in touch with you

Our operators are available to give you all the information necessary for the proper use of our services.

Our professionalism and our technicians are at your service for your satisfaction.

We are focused on you:

  • Technical Phone Support
  • Technical assistance at your store
  • Online help-desk
  • Online and telephone training
  • Custom after-sales service.