Il nostro modo NUOVO di essere consulenti fiscali e gestionali

VanigliaPro SMART

VanigliaPro Smart: smart mobility for your store

VanigliaPro Smart is an innovative application designed for the operators in retail, beauty, wellness and fashion already using VanigliaPro as an operational solution for store management.

Developed for iPhone and iPod Touch, the app is designed to assist store operators  in the consultation and in the insertion of information about customers, technical data, services / products and the sale to the customer without ever leaving their workstation.

With this app every operator can devote more care and attention to the customer, having always at hand information about his buying habits and preferences, with the ability to update them: with VanigliaPro Smart each operator can guide the customer decision process.

The use of the same graphic elements present in VanigliaPro facilitate the operator in the use of the app, which is familiar, extremely simple and intuitive.

VanigliaPro Smart allows you to:

Search for the customer master data

Consult the customer files

Consult, insert and edit the data sheets for customers

Card Management, Subscriptions and Prepaid

Insert images in the photo gallery inside the customer file

Manage rapid discharge of products from the warehouse and manage inventory

Insert sales to customers